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SEO and Advertising To Grow Your Business

SEO and advertising are twin pillars for any marketing strategy to dominate search engine rankings. A digital marketing strategy that simultaneously leverages both, is better suited to quickly rope in leads and increase brand awareness. Google receives over 70% of all web traffic. Thus to dominate the search engine you have to excel in the […]


Marketing KPI Metrics: Do You Track These 20 KPIs?

With marketing becoming increasingly data-driven, you simply cannot escape from assigning and monitoring KPI metrics or Key Performance Indicators. KPI’s can be defined as numerical, quantifiable metrics that organisations use to track their progress towards marketing goals. They help you measure what’s working, what’s failing and how far are you from achieving your marketing objectives. […]

Consumer Culture Theory
Social Media Marketing

The Consumer Culture Theory & Your Social Media

Research that connects consumer culture and marketing have seen massive developments in the past couple of decades. Marketers have exhausted the list of lenses from which they can observe consumer behaviour.  It is after these circumstances that marketers have begun to study distinct cultures in their target market. Thus, this helps in better understanding consumer […]


In-Market Audiences: Target Buyers Who’ll Really Buy From You

Have you used Google ads’ in-market audiences to target your PPC ads? Accurate targeting is the mark of a good marketer. The more your ad reaches the right people, the lesser you will invest in ads. Consequently, your ROI will be better. Targeting using Google ads’ in-market audiences is one good silver bullet to reduce […]

Marketing Animation

Animation in Digital Marketing: An Introduction, Ideas, Tips

In 2019, Youtube rose to the top as the no.1 platform that most impacted consumer behaviour. And I was going on a guilt trip for all the animated marketing (Youtube video ads) I skipped. In the long run, video ads were winning all along. Notably, 87% of marketers use video marketing. According to Cisco, 17,000 […]


Coronavirus’ Business Impact: Top Questions Answered

Coronavirus’ impact on businesses is a lot of things- future arriving faster, a new normal, remote connections, virtual networking. Forrester points out 5 trends emerging from the pandemic’s impact on businesses: Safety and convenience have become unique selling points (USPs) for businesses. Omnichannel retail and marketing are inevitable. Businesses and governments will partner to invest […]


Actionable SEO Tips For Beginners: Tools, Warnings, Easy Wins

People advise us to choose our battles carefully. Well, choose SEO, and you are in for a never-ending war with algorithms and competitors. In this blog post, we provide an actionable set of SEO tips for beginners to quickly win several small battles in your war. Consistently practice them, you too can gratifyingly dethrone competitors […]


Why Going Green for Digital Marketing Matters

Green digital marketing is taking the world by storm. Eco-friendly digital marketing initiatives seem to be everywhere. For example, big brands like Nike, Microsoft, and Toyota have made a commitment to be more sustainable. This isn’t just in their areas of production. We’ll bet you didn’t know that Microsoft has been carbon-neutral since 2012! If […]


Digital Marketing Tips For Black Friday Sales: Stats, Tricks

Over the years, several international Black Friday marketing strategies and promotions have piqued our attention. As a business owner/marketing strategist, are you looking for unique digital marketing tips to promote your goods this Black Friday? The Black Friday shopping tradition started in 2010 when Amazon began offering discounts for its customers in Ireland and the […]


UX And UI Design in Digital Marketing: All You Need to Know

Though both UI design and UX became mundane tech terms in the 1990s, their history goes back even further. On a philosophical level, it’s possible to draw parallels between the Chinese pioneering interior designing and UX. Remembering users’ convenience, when arranging furniture and planning interiors of houses and palaces, is an archaic example of UX […]

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