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It's just a coincidence all the bald men wore burgundy jumpers. Some stuff we’ve been thinking about lately.

David Hughes Founder

If Tommy Hilfiger were ever to look for a new brand ambassador, they would have to look no further than our illustrious leader, David Hughes. Under his leadership ORH has grown from a 3-man operation working out of his garage to a multi-office marketing firm with international reach.

Favourite things

Craft beers and a good red wine

Claim to fame

He played Gaelic football for Westmeath back in the 17th Century

Justine Gika CEO

With a decade of experience, huge ideas and an ever-expanding team behind her, the only thing Justine is short of is height. Whether it's designing a logo, creating a social campaign or just choosing the right font for your company, you're in safe hands with Justine.

Happiest when

On her giant sofa with her dog Odin, reading a book.

Favourite Movie

10 Things I Hate About You

Rochelle Lazaro Business Developer

Hailing from the Philippines, Rochelle is our go-to sales and marketing pro for meeting business objectives. She splits her spare time between volunteering and paw-renting two dogs. Her dogs, Django and Whoopi, moonlight as the ORH team's emotional support animals on Tuesdays - lucky us!

Go-to karaoke song?

"If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys when flying solo, or "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen if with friends.

Would teleport right now to...

The Philippines, so she can spend some time with her friends and family there. Life is short and family is important!

Audrey Soh UX Designer

Audrey was our very first UX Designer at ORH. She likes her work aligned properly and while she understands that perfection is impossible, she still tries to push for it sometimes. She's multi-talented - she can play the piano, violin and drums, she does Krav Maga, runs and swims, and travelling solo is her thing.

Best way to start the day?

Get out of bed

Refuses to watch

Anything horror themed

Paul Rice UX Designer

Fresh out of college with a passion for all things digital, Paul works as a UX Designer by day to research and create fun and intuitive digital products. By night, he’s an avid photographer, meme enthusiast, and professional Mario Kart driver who has an addiction to Apple products and Polo mints.

Most likely to

Order way too many things online and return 99% of it

Most impressive skill

Having a photographic memory with directions, he's a walking Google Maps

Darren Roddy Graphic Designer

Darren is our chief Graphic Designer and Photographer. When he’s not here he can be found in any karaoke bar that will have him, singing Kiss from a Rose, or challenging spectators to tie their shoelaces faster than him (2.5 seconds).

Quote he lives by

"You can't fly unless you let yourself fall" - Justin Bieber

Refuses to watch

Game of Thrones (Don't @ me)

Omar Cataño Motion Graphic Designer

The most important thing you need to know about Omar is that he’s from Cali, Colombia, the world capital of salsa. From a young age, he’s been obsessed with animation, art, and cinema, and it’s his goal to communicate big ideas through these things. Did we mention he’s from Cali, the world capital of salsa?

Happiest when


Too much of his time is taken up by...

Irish residence papers and creating Spotify playlists

Matteo Casalegno Videographer

Matteo is our video director but known to many around town as “Hey, you there in the bushes!”. While his knowledge of videography is extensive he’s more likely to be asked how best to download something from YouTube. In his free time he loves consuming the homemade spirits, biscuits, and veritable tonnes of cheese his Mama sends from Italy.   

Best way to start the day?

Singing Adele songs in the shower

Favourite Movie

Basil the Great Mouse Detective

Tiago Miranda Videographer

Tiago or Tata Lobo (‘Little Wolf’) is one of our videographers and a documentarian from Brazil. He’s travelled extensively throughout Brazil and South America and his photography has been featured in nationally and internationally award winning books. He likes his coffee fresh and if you ask him really nicely he makes a mean Caipirinha.

Most interesting place he's been

Four days cycling through Marajó, a mangrove island the size of Ireland, on the Amazon Delta

Favourite Meal

His Italian Nona’s gnocchi

Lucy Burke Social Media Team Associate

Lucy is a woman of many talents. She's been with ORH since 2019, and has since graduated to expertly handling several social media accounts - including a big TikTok one! In between this, she also finds time to hang out with her dog, Basil, hike and camp, and work on her motorbike. You heard it here first: a woman of many talents, indeed!

Who's the most interesting person she's ever met?

Her grandad, Pat. He trained as a carpenter from the age of 12, worked as a quality inspector in the Middle East, and has some incredibly inspiring tales!

Her weekends are taken up by...

Her motorbike! Having pined over them since before she could walk, Lucy enjoys long, scenic motorbike rides with her boyfriend over the weekends.

Stephanie Fernandez Content Writer

Steph loves everything culture-related, which is why she studied anthropology. However, she’s better with words, so she works on the content team! In her spare time, she enjoys touring Irish microbreweries, spending time with her dog, Rolo, and tweeting about what video game she’s currently playing.

Most looking forward to…

Being able to travel again. Steph is from Malaysia; she misses the food, her family, and her friends (in no particular order at all - promise)!

Favourite rainy-day activity?

Watching the American version of The Office for the 451st time.

Breffni O’Brien Content Writer

In addition to a year on the content team, Breffni wears several (creative project) hats. From sharing new recipes on her lifestyle blog, to knitting and gardening, she’s always on the go! When not at her desk, you can find her hiking or sea-swimming in Waterford - where she lives.

For a day, she would trade places with…

Jeff Bezos, so she could spend the day donating his money to people in need!

Desert island book:

A desert island cookbook! Breff is a massive foodie, so that way she’ll stay well-fed whilst soaking up some rays.

Bronagh Loughlin Content Writer

Sustainability and wellbeing writer, journalist, podcaster, and Louis Theroux fan - that's Bronagh in a nutshell! A writer since childhood, Bronagh loves writing so much that she’s made it her career! If she sounds familiar, that’s with good reason: her mental health columns have been published in The Irish Times. Outside of writing, Bronagh upcycles, plays her Nintendo Switch, journals, and spends time with her animals.

Superpower of choice:

Bronagh would take Wanda Maximoff’s powers - breaking the laws of physics and scientific absolutes. Transformation, levitation, and teleportation could all be her jam!

Best way to end the day?

Having a cuddle session with all her animals.

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