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It's just a coincidence all the bald men wore burgundy jumpers.

David Hughes Founder

If Tommy Hilfiger were ever to look for a new brand ambassador, they would have to look no further than our illustrious leader, David Hughes. Under his leadership ORH has grown from a 3-man operation working out of his garage to a multi-office marketing firm with international reach.

Favourite things

Craft beers and a good red wine

Claim to fame

He played Gaelic football for Westmeath back in the 17th Century

Justine Gika CEO

With a decade of experience, huge ideas and an ever-expanding team behind her, the only thing Justine is short of is height. Whether it's designing a logo, creating a social campaign or just choosing the right font for your company, you're in safe hands with Justine.

Happiest when

On her giant sofa with her dog Odin, reading a book.

Favourite Movie

10 Things I Hate About You

Paul Burns Sales Manager

Paul Burns might be best described by his famed catchphrase "Yabba Dabba Doo" Or maybe that was Fred Flintstone. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between our dynamic Sales Manager and a prehistoric-based cartoon character who powers a car with his feet.

Dream Holiday

Ibiza 1982-1990

If he were a TV character he'd be

Killed off in the first episode

Aidan Cotter Creative Director

Imagine Wallace from Wallace and Gromit, but with a coffee addiction and a keen eye for design - that's our Creative Director, Aidan Cotter. With an approach to style that would make Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen jealous, you can guarantee your site will stand out with Aidan at the helm.

Too much of his time is taken up by...


Happiest when...

Brewing his own beer

Alysha McDowell UX/UI Designer

Alysha is a UX/UI Designer and judging by her clothing choices, a Star Fleet officer. She’s also responsible for the cool website you’re bopping about. Neat, huh? She loves drawing, scrolling Reddit endlessly, long walks to the kettle, as well as not drinking the many cups of tea other people make for her.

Favourite things

Design books, chocolate and doing cool things on an aerial hoop

Dream Holiday

Diving the Silfra Fissure in Iceland

Audrey Soh UX Designer

Audrey was our very first UX Designer at ORH. She likes her work aligned properly and while she understands that perfection is impossible, she still tries to push for it sometimes. She's multi-talented - she can play the piano, violin and drums, she does Krav Maga, runs and swims, and travelling solo is her thing.

Best way to start the day?

Get out of bed

Refuses to watch

Anything horror themed

Paul Rice UX Designer

Fresh out of college with a passion for all things digital, Paul works as a UX Designer by day to research and create fun and intuitive digital products. By night, he’s an avid photographer, meme enthusiast, and professional Mario Kart driver who has an addiction to Apple products and Polo mints.

Most likely to

Order way too many things online and return 99% of it

Most impressive skill

Having a photographic memory with directions, he's a walking Google Maps

Darren Roddy Graphic Designer

Darren is our chief Graphic Designer and Photographer. When he’s not here he can be found in any karaoke bar that will have him, singing Kiss from a Rose, or challenging spectators to tie their shoelaces faster than him (2.5 seconds).

Quote he lives by

"You can't fly unless you let yourself fall" - Justin Bieber

Refuses to watch

Game of Thrones (Don't @ me)

Omar Cataño Motion Graphic Designer

The most important thing you need to know about Omar is that he’s from Cali, Colombia, the world capital of salsa. From a young age, he’s been obsessed with animation, art, and cinema, and it’s his goal to communicate big ideas through these things. Did we mention he’s from Cali, the world capital of salsa?

Happiest when


Too much of his time is taken up by...

Irish residence papers and creating Spotify playlists

Matteo Casalegno Videographer

Matteo is our video director but known to many around town as “Hey, you there in the bushes!”. While his knowledge of videography is extensive he’s more likely to be asked how best to download something from YouTube. In his free time he loves consuming the homemade spirits, biscuits, and veritable tonnes of cheese his Mama sends from Italy.   

Best way to start the day?

Singing Adele songs in the shower

Favourite Movie

Basil the Great Mouse Detective

Neidin Flynn Social Media Manager

Neidin Flynn heads up our Social Media presence, and subsists on a healthy diet of cigarettes and coffee. Though she’d title the movie of her life ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ we couldn’t be more fortunate to have her providing her expertise every day.

Refuses to watch

Game of Thrones

Quote she lives by

‘Da fhada an la tagann an trathnona’ literally translates to ‘However long the day, the evening will come.’

Jonathan Cosgrove Copywriter

Jonathan is our resident copywriter, most likely to mention living in Japan for four years or being in a band within the first five minutes of meeting him. He's got a great beard that he grew himself, and when he's not writing content he can be found wrestling other men and trying to get his next belt in Jiu Jitsu (unrelated.)

If he was a TV character he'd be

Chandler Bing

His favourite things

Reading, writing, staring into space, watching movies, criticising movies, talking about the strange things that pop into his head.

Alex Black Content Writer

On first glance you could mistake Alex for one of the many wives of a Mormon fundamentalist, but really she just loves a nice prairie frock. When not writing top-notch content, Alex enjoys snacks, saying things like, "Does anyone have the number for the post office in Vilnius?", and making inquiries on the phone, which she thinks of as a truly lost modern art.

Skill she'd most like to master

Reading tarot cards

Can't live without

Acid exfoliation

Rajat Bhardwaj Marketing Strategist

Rajat left his home 2.3 years ago (precisely!) to follow his dreams of becoming the most muscle-bound man in an Irish marketing firm. So far, so good. Rajat uses his enthusiasm and joy for understanding consumer psychology to make sure we can offer the best customer experience. He’s also really strong and can probably bench-press you.

Happiest when

He gets tonnes of work he loves to do if ROI is good

How he starts his day

Lifting, but he can't live without weekend pizza

Danielle Grimes Marketing Manager

Danielle is not so much a marketing manager as a marketing mascot. A perfect mixture between consummate professional and excitable morale booster, she brings her near-decade of event management experience to improve all aspects of ORH every single day. Her only downfall is a good dog-related meme.

In her spare time...

She took up running in January 2018 and since then she has done at least 1 competitive 5k per month

Happiest when...

Shouting on the terraces of Oriel Park with her Dad. C’mon the Town.

Peter McEneaney Marketing Supervisor

Peter is no ordinary manager. No, sir. He’s a manager of managers here at ORH. Fueled by a diet of mostly sugar and coffee, Peter works on promotions, operations, and the overall marketing strategy for each of our clients and websites. No small task. He likes to think of himself as the Michael Scott of the business but we think he’s quite a bit more competent than that.

His go-to karaoke song more of a set list than a song

Skill he'd like to master

Counting cards

Sandra Di Santo Marketing Executive

Current title holder of ORH's "Friendliest Member Of Staff" award and unlikely to ever lose it, it is impossible not to like Sandra. With an incredible enthusiasm for life and fluency in 4 languages under her belt, Sandra is set to be next month's "Employee We're All Most Jealous Of".

Her hobbies include...

Playing guitar, sports, cooking and travelling

In her spare time...

She likes to spend time in nature and with her dearest friends and family

Chloe Rice Marketing Executive

Chloe is a site manager for one of our UK-based clients who spends her days being patiently exploited by Peter. But while she’s still learning to say no to the many requests she gets inundated with, don’t be fooled by her easy-going nature. Underneath all that she’s a force to be reckoned with, while being a fun and cheeky person to work alongside. Oh, and she loves skittles.

Biggest Pet Peeve

When you let a car cut in front of you and they don’t wave to thank you!

Dream Holiday

The Maldives

John White New Project Developer

John White is our New Project Developer and SEO/Content Manager in addition to being our resident Jon Snow lookalike (Those names are pretty similar, too… Hey, wait, a minute!). A multifaceted fellow he plays rugby for the local club, enjoys sci-fi and thriller novels, sketches, paints, and bites back the tears while watching The Fox and the Hound.

TV jingle he's memorised...

Lucky, Lucky, Lucky Me, I’m a Lucky SON OF A GUN - Thanks Hyundai

Quote to live by

Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking - Marcus Aurelius

Aldo Rust Customer Service

Ronaldo, or “Aldo” as he changed his name to after a dozen disappointing blind dates were cut extremely short, is an enigma. Aldo insists he is passionate about and loves customer service. He says an angry customer is just a happy customer waiting to happen. We believe the more likely case is that he’s an automaton who is powered by anger.

Most of his time is taken up by

Explaining his jokes

His dream job


James Bonner Project Manager

No one is really sure what James does, so we refer to him as Project Manager. He can be found most days at his desk, pretending to be busy, and nurturing his rage against his birth country’s decision to leave the EU. That is, until the end of the day when he goes home to his wife and daughter where his pretence of being busy is shattered.

Biggest Pet Peeve

People who eat with their mouth open

Movie that describes his life

National Treasure

Srdjan Nikolic SEO Manager

Srdjan Nikolic is a master storyteller when it comes to his SEO.  A simple, fast and quick website with a conversational tone is all he wants from a website. His expertise across all channels of marketing and development allows his team members to deliver results consistently.

Happiest when

Watching Game of Thrones

Biggest Pet Peeve

Being unorganized

Daniel White SEO Executive

Perhaps it’s the garden of empty energy drinks surrounding his desk, but there are those that say, Daniel White doesn’t sleep. Instead he uses 24 hours of every day to make our sites run as smoothly as possible. He lives for Friday when he can finally sing his favourite song. All . Day.  

His go-to karaoke song

Friday - Rebecca Black

Favourite Meal

Steak Sandwich

Radoslava Nikolic SEO and PPC Executive

Rada didn’t always want to be involved with marketing, but we’re glad that her winding road lead to this company.  Though she’d probably prefer to be on a beach with a cup of coffee (strange combo?), she brings a positive attitude to all things SEO and PPC every day and is described by her co-workers as brilliant at literally everything she does.  

Most interesting place she's been

Kusadasi, Turkey

Job she'd be terrible at

Anywhere she wouldn't be allowed to talk from 9-5

David Reilly SEO Executive

You probably already know David Reilly, if you don’t, your gran has probably seen him on at least two different shows. He’s ‘the Famous One’ and it shows. He says, you can achieve these things, too. Get up early for ‘prayer time’, two hour workouts each morning, followed by an hour and a half long shower. Easy.

Movie title that describes his life

Threat Level Midnight

Claim to fame

Where does he even begin...