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How to grow your CBD brand with digital marketing

Digital is the future of cannabis. Thinking outside the box is the new standard.

Cannabis Marketing Agency

The ‘green space’ is sexy right now and using digital media smarts is paramount for any cannabis, hemp and CBD company’s growth in 2019. To combat the challenges of marketing in an emerging industry with imposed restrictions you have to be entrepreneurial, creative and innovative.

Concentrate on organic, outreach and SEO

Let’s fast-forward to the digital age.

Yes, we’ve seen significant change as a society and government towards a supportive environment and mindset to CBD but there is no denying there are still major obstacles that the cannabis industry faces in marketing.

We live in a world of instant connection and satisfaction through clicks, playbacks, and tweets. How can we bypass and navigate the waters? You also might be geographically challenged – adhering to regulatory compliances requires a balance of creativity. Creating engaging material that will appeal to consumers is an intuitive talent that our marketers have.

While cannabis-related brands may have a hard time passing through the Fort Knox gates of paid advertising and encounter lots of rejections they can still find success trying different marketing strategies using a mix of:

-Organic social media

-Old school public relations and outreach

-SEO efforts to get the most exposure

Publicity, exposure, press

PR and media relations are a critical strategy for cannabis-related brands. For example, Forbes magazine has an entire cannabis team of reporters covering all aspects of the industry.

Content is king and should always reign supreme

Content is King in digital marketing


Content not only has to be relevant, engaging and informative but dispel misinformation. Creating a news website or blog brings an audience to the brand. Your clever content writers should know how to maintain your audience’s attention; then nurture and support it by giving them value-added content that resonates and inspires and offers them something new. Know your personas – match your content to every stage of a buyer’s journey. Your copywriters should know the big picture and remain flexible as audience preferences shift.

Content brings an audience to you

There is no prohibition on creating a website that serves up informative content and news. Brands/CBD news sites can use SEO tactics to help their content rank high so people can find you. Creating news articles about what’s going on in the expansive ‘green space’ enable a brand to register itself as a news site to ensure that its relevant and top-notch CBD-related news posts find the largest audience possible – all-encompassing of the industry that can share and spread the love widening the reach even further.

This takes time, strategy and savvy content marketers. Hire good ones – we have assembled a team of people who are talented, compliance clued-up, creative and who thrive in a changing landscape. Also track your work to see what’s working, test headlines. Small tweaks can have big rewards.

How to build an audience on Instagram

Organic: While you can’t set up a paid advertisement if you are in the cannabis industry, you can still focus on organic reach. Focus on establishing a consistent posting schedule using a combination of trending, popular, and branded hashtags. Organic marketing is the natural attraction and conversion of interested ‘primed’ and motivated people into new customers. It’s being in the right space at the right time. This takes skill and nuances that ORH Marketing excels in.

Brand loyalty is solidified with a positive customer service experience. The same goes for social customer service. Have a response and interaction strategy: Have a response in place for different potential customer service situations and queries.

Influencers/Ambassadors: Work your network. Instagram is a public relations dream come true when it comes to the power it holds for word-of-mouth marketing and user-generated content. Love him or hate him look at how Ignite is using Dan Bilzerian. Find other users and influencers to align with your brand and have them tell their audience about you, for you, to you. Reach. Spread. Share.

Authentic user-generated content is another valuable option to expand your audience reach by generating mentions and branded hashtags. Try things like giveaways or prizes, tickets to CBD events/exhibitions that encourage users to share your brand with their respective audience.

Stories/Video/Live/IGTV: If the content is king, then the video is a god. Instagram gives you multiple options for incorporating video to your Instagram strategy. Make sure to explore different content options for each one.

Cannabis shows: Target shows to feature your brand or expertise in the industry. Become a non-financial media sponsor.

Podcasts are another option

Podcasts for cannabis marketing


The Cannabis Conversation is an intelligent podcast that speaks to a wide variety of guests that shape the industry. This route has also good reach.


Chatbot/Messenger: Using a chatbot or having a messenger response strategy in place will ensure that the users have a positive customer service experience. High response time is a driving factor in consumer purchase decisions.

-Keep your audience updated with exclusive deals and offers using Facebook Messenger.

Video/Live/Stories: Facebook has not ignored the power of video content. It allows you to use the platform to incorporate different styles/lengths of video content.

-Host a weekly Facebook Live Q+A or themed show: This is an effective way to generate free publicity and clear up some of the confusion related to the cannabis

Organic: Once again, with strict guidelines to paid promotions, brands are learning and reaping the third-party credibility benefits of organic promotion and outreach.

Ads: Advertisers are finally allowed to run ads for topical hemp across Facebook. However, you can run ads that direct to landing pages that feature non-ingestible hemp and topical CBD products only. Your campaigns may not be accepted immediately but it is worth giving a try.

At ORH Marketing we have already tried a number of ad campaigns on Facebook for non-ingestible CBD products and have been successful in making a good return on investment.

The Twitterati

Hashtags: Known for making and breaking trending hashtags, Twitter is a media-friendly place to break into audience conversations with the use of hashtags.

Media Relations: Twitter has become a source of news for users, but has also become a source of information for the media.

-Create a Twitter list to include journalists who specifically cover the Cannabis industry.

In the words of the digital marketing king Neil Patel himself if the content is king then social media is the gasoline – and the right audience is what keeps that fire burning.

Marketing on other cannabis websites/blogs/develop mutually beneficial relationships

Paid Promotion: Google Ads most likely not available unless you can crack the code and risk the penalties.

Optimize: Make sure your website is optimized like a pro. Do not skimp on this part in order to show up in the SERPs. People are searching for cannabis more than ever.

Visuals: Embed videos and optimize images.


We are in an era where consumer trust is at an all-time low. Customers are turning to friends, reviews, influencers and third-party credibility to learn about brands. Build strategic alliances, follow cannabis industry social media, niche-focus on the ‘green rush’ movers and shakers and stakeholders in your industry.

There’s no better time to invest in media outreach

Niche agency for cannabis marketing

We like to do things a little differently around here and know the obstacles as a cannabis marketing agency and how to navigate them. We are skimming the surface area about what we can do and have done with considerable success. The cannabis business is constantly changing, we are in tune with it. It is rapidly evolving and we are evolving with it. (Have a look at some of our services)

Our expertise in the cannabis space is in producing tailored content, using SEO tactics across multiple mediums, devising a bespoke marketing strategy, compiling data analysis leading video production and delivering UX/UI design that includes all aspects of branding, design, usability and function.

ORH Marketing can guide you through the process of developing a marketing strategy; from brainstorming content marketing tactics to setting digital marketing goals and navigating restrictions from social media platforms and search engines. We have been doing it successfully for years. We continue to get excited about it – because we love challenges, it makes you fight harder and gives you the drive to overcome and succeed. Victories are all the sweeter. We fight for them.

If you are going to grow your business in today’s growing legal cannabis market, then you are going to need an action plan to expand your marketing efforts online.
We can navigate you through the fog.

If you are after a roadmap or just insights, get in touch we can augment your efforts with seasoned cannabis marketing experts or a 360 degree complete outsource solution, we’ve got you covered. Our customer acquisition focus is on digital to put your message in front of an audience to ultimately get customers to maximise your return on investment.

Our work moves audiences. Our integrated approach gets results. If you are after a roadmap or just insights, we can augment your efforts with seasoned cannabis experts or offer a 360 degree complete outsource solution. Be the next cannabis superbrand with us – digital growth experts for the cannabis space for the modern era.